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Annual vehicle registration is a fact of life, and if you live in South Miami there are a number of ways to do it, and fortunately for Miami-Dade residents, with Airways Auto Tag Agency it’s a lot easier and affordable.

Auto Insurance in Miami

State DMVs are on a mission to lower the number of uninsured drivers on the road, and requiring car insurance before registering a car is a major step in that direction.

About Us

Airways Auto Tag is the best Tag Agency in Miami-Dade

Airways Auto Tag Agency has been in serving Miami area since 1946. Listed below are some of the services we provide. Please feel free to call us at 1-305-634-2626. All our work is guaranteed and we look forward to serving you!

All our work is guaranteed and we look forward to serving you!

Vehicle Registration


Vessel Registration


Florida Title Transfers


Vehicle Insurance


Decal Renewals


Lien Recordings


Certificate of Repossessions


Out of State Title Request’s & Transfers Requests


Permanent/Temporary Handicap Placards





Miami-Dade Agency Fee Schedule

Specialty Tags

Animal Friend Tag, Aquaculture Tag, Conserve Wildlife Tag, Discover Florida’s Oceans Tag and more!


If your registration is lost, we can help you get a duplicate.


You have a registration that spells wrong your name, we can fix the problem for you.

Same day title service?

No more waiting for a title from Tallahassee for weeks, ask one of our clerks for a Fast Title and leave with a certificate of title in your hand today. Same day Title Services (Florida Fast Title) leave with your title in your hand, we can assist you in obtaining fast as long as you provide the necessary paperwork

Your Agency does title replacements?

You destroy or lost your registration, or just have it but in a bad shape. We have good news, we can get a replacement.

Title for boats?

You just go a new brand boat but, they need registration? We deal in bulk every day, drop us a note and we will send over our courier.

Tag Transfers

We enjoy helping with the details to transfer tags from sales, gifts, or other special needs.

Utility Vehicles and Trailers

Do you need a tag for your new trailer, RV or ATVs. We can help you with this too.

Dealership services?

Yes, we offer customized service for dealerships.

Airways Auto Tag

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I have to agree that the staff is very nice, I got there when they opened at 9 sharp and I was done in 5 minutes but still, great service, thank you!

Dr Virgilio Mendes

I had a great experience. I waited for just 10 minutes. I was helped by Ileana. She was amazing. She went above and beyond in order to help me out and explain everything to me.

Elena Navarro

Quick in, for a custom plate, great customer service, quickly out.

Juan Bioge

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